Item:Journal of Captain Rabghul - Page 2

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  Journal of Captain Rabghul - Page 2
  • Unique
  • "A page from Captain Rabghul's journal found in the caverns beneath The Forsaken Inn."
  • Worth: 57 Copper 

Deed Information

Collecting this item is a requirement for the deed The Journal of Captain Rabghul.

Item Information

Sixth of August

Tunon confirmed it: Shutet's waterway flows out to the Hoarwell! This means we can moor a boat in the cave, away from prying eyes. These caverns are turning out to be the best hideout we could have hoped for.

Twenty-fifth of August

The men grow restive. With all our work in the caverns we've been neglecting our thievery. If I don't find a new target soon, they're like to go off on their own - and they know where these caves are. Can't have that, so tomorrow Shabej and I set off for Minas Eriol to scout our next mark.

Third of September

I cannot believe our luck! Shabej overheard some nobles talking about a delivery of jewels in a week's time. We've already begun our preparations. Those rich layabouts won't know what hit them.

Tenth of September

Success! The lads did their jobs, and did them without flaw. We've stowed the spoils within the caverns. One of the marks got away, but not before I snatched the necklace he was hiding. Gave him a good scar to remember me by, too. He won't soon forget the face of Captain Rabghul!

The necklace is very old, with a silver pendant set with a large ruby. I've decided not to tell the men about it. After all, I found it myself.