Item:Journal of Captain Rabghul - Page 1

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  Journal of Captain Rabghul - Page 1
  • Unique
  • "A page from Captain Rabghul's journal found in the caverns beneath the Forsaken Inn."
  • Worth: 57 Copper 

Deed Information

Collecting this item is a requirement for the deed The Journal of Captain Rabghul.

Item Information

Seventh of April, 1351

We discovered a cave two days ago as we returned from our raid upon the treasures of Rhostham. Khedem fell into a hole in some loose soil and broke his leg. We splinted the wound and cleared out the entrance. The cavern beneath us is vast, and seems to go on for miles.

Ninth of April

After some spirited debate, which ended with a few lost teeth and one cracked skull, we took a vote and decided to move our base to these new caves. It lies near a major trade route and will keep us hidden when the king's men come sniffing about.

Thirtieth of April

At last, the gang has finished moving our gear below ground. It troubles me that others might discover the cave mouth as we did, though. Perhaps we can build something on top of the entrance to disguise its purpose.

Fifteenth of July

The entrance to the cavern has been sealed beneath a wooden house. Tawult, our tinker, has fashioned an intricate secret door to gain entrance. It should be nigh impossible for interlopers to discover these caverns now!

Fourth of August

We almost lost Shutet today. Whilst digging in the caverns, the floor collapsed under him and he plunged headfirst down some kind of underground water channel that emptied out into the enormous cave. After he crawled back to us, he claimed he felt fresh air, but he took a rap on the head so he may be mistaken. Tunon will investigate tomorrow.