Item:Ithilien Essence Fragment

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Ithilien Essence Fragment-icon.png
  Ithilien Essence Fragment
  • Item Level: 1
  • Barter Item
  • "A fragment of an Ithilien Essence. Herbalists of Gondor can combine 4 of these into an Ithilien Essence."

Item Information

This item is obtained from opening a Pouch of Ithilien Essence Fragments, which is a reward for numerous repeatable quests, including quests in the Anniversary Celebration.

Barter Information

This item can be traded at the Herb-master at Henneth Annûn in North Ithilien and Herb-master at the Camp of the Host in North Ithilien. Also (when the Yule Festival is running), Alex Grey in Winter-home or other festival vendors.

Item to Receive Items to Trade
Box 7 (store)-icon.png North Ithilien Essence Box 4Ithilien Essence Fragment-icon.png Ithilien Essence Fragment