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Two-handed Hammer 2 (rare)-icon.png
  • Bind on Equip
  • Item Level: 48
  • Two-handed Hammer
  • 69 - 116 Common Damage
  • 92.5 DPS
  • +70 Agility
    +91 Maximum Power
    +70 Might
    Target: You have a small chance of lowering your target's ability to Evade.
    -1% Evade Chance
  • Tough
  • Durability 100/100
  • Minimum Level 48
  • "The strength of this hammer is such that whenever it strikes metal or stone, the ring of it can be heard far and wide, yet no dent or ding does it receive."
  • Worth: 12 Silver 32 Copper 

Drop Information

This item has a chance to drop from mobs of approximate level 50, such as Barashal in Carn Dûm or Afraig in Barad Gularan.