Item:Hollow Brimstone-leech Fang

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Hollow Brimstone-leech Fang-icon.png
  Hollow Brimstone-leech Fang
  • "The Brimstone-leeches have hollow fangs with which they draw the blood of their enemies."

Drop Information

This item is dropped by Bloated Brimstone-leech.

Location: Eastern Malenhad in Angmar

Quest Information

This item is turned in for the following class quest:

Item Information

The items will NOT show in inventory, but will be counted in the quest log and tracker. Also, note that the quest tracker will ask for a more generic item, "Brimstone-leech Fang", but if you open the quest log (hotkey: L) after obtaining one, the item will appear as "Hollow Brimstone-leech Fang". This discrepancy can be ignored; the class trainer will update the quest when the items are delivered.