Item:Fashion Maven Scroll

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  Fashion Maven Scroll
  • Unique
  • Minimum Level 20
  • Starts Quest: The Fashion Maven's Scroll
  • "This scroll from the Fashion Maven can be exchanged with an Outfitter for a package the Maven left for you."


This letter is sent by mail to the character when the Fashion Maven wishes to recognize the character for its fashion choices.

Quest Information

This item starts a quest, The Fashion Maven's Scroll, the rewards of which depend on the Fashion Maven's judgement.


From: The Fashion Maven
To: <name>
Subject: Well Done!
I am impressed with your fashion choices. You are daring, charming, and above all, coordinated! Please accept this token of my esteem. You are a pillar of the fashionable community!
The Fashion Maven


From: The Fashion Maven
To: <name>
Subject: A Bit of Help
After seeing you today, you probably could use a little help in simple coordination. After all, you should be proud of your appearance! With my scroll, you may choose a new garment and through which may become a fabulously coordinated member of society!
The Fashion Maven


From: The Fashion Maven
To: <name>
Subject: Oh Dear
Your choices in attire today have left much to be desired. I'm sure you can attain a state of higher coordination. Don't forget, pride in your appearance can only translate to pride in yourself! Until such a time as you do take more pride in yourself, I would recommend you wear the mark of an Eye-sore.
The Fashion Maven