Item:Eorlingas Scroll Case

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Eorlingas Scroll Case-icon.png
  Eorlingas Scroll Case
  • Consumed On Use
  • "On opening, the scroll case will reveal a Westemnet X recipe."
  • Worth: 2 Silver 65 Copper 


This is a collective page for looted Eorlingas Scroll Cases for different crafting professions. This item can be dropped by humanoids of levels 91-100

These are the seven versions of Eorlingas Scroll Cases:

Eorlingas Cook's Scroll Case-icon.png Eorlingas Cook's Scroll Case
Eorlingas Jeweller's Scroll Case-icon.png Eorlingas Jeweller's Scroll Case
Eorlingas Metalsmith's Scroll Case-icon.png Eorlingas Metalsmith's Scroll Case
Eorlingas Scholar's Scroll Case-icon.png Eorlingas Scholar's Scroll Case
Eorlingas Tailor's Scroll Case-icon.png Eorlingas Tailor's Scroll Case
Eorlingas Weaponsmith's Scroll Case-icon.png Eorlingas Weaponsmith's Scroll Case
Eorlingas Woodworker's Scroll Case-icon.png Eorlingas Woodworker's Scroll Case

See Master Recipe Index to find possible outcomes.

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