Item:Dawn Stockard's Notes

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  Dawn Stockard's Notes
  • "A letter."

Quest Information

This is received during the quest Articles of Command.

Dawn Stockard's Notes

The lineage of an item holds great power, and it is with this knowledge that I set before you a series of difficult tasks. The article I make for you will draw its strength from the tale of its making, and if it were easy, the resulting piece would suffer for it.

The following notes will provide guidance on the tasks I would have you complete, and the order in which I would have you return the items to me. It will take time for me to fashion this piece, and the sequence of your deeds is important.


The land of Angmar is an inhospitable place, and the great swamp of Malenhad is not an exception. The creatures that make their homes among its fetid pools are made both tough and unpleasant by the harsh climate. The steam from the murk scorches the shells and spindly limbs of the nerbyg that skitter there, and their scorched carapaces will give to the equipment I make for you an unusual toughness.

HOGNI'S SPIKED HELMET I have not been to the Misty Mountains in many years, but I have received reports of troubles there from the travellers that walk the Great East Road on their way west, always west. The lands to the east are likely to be deserted, and who can blame them?

Dourhand dwarves have returned to their keep overlooking the pass of Gabilazan, they say, and are a danger to the unlucky few who must travel that road. A Dourhand by the expressive name of Hogni Cleave-shank has been particularly troublesome.

The spike from his helmet would be a trophy suitable of a worthy captain, I should think.

When you have triumphed over Hogni Cleave-shank and have braved the great swamp of Malenhad, bring these items to me before you continue.

TWENTY CORRODED NEEKERBREEKER-HORNS If you have not already tired of the nerbyg, you perhaps will have when you have finished with this! The horns of the nerbyg that plague the great swamp of Malenhad are corroded by the noxious fumes of that stinking fen. Bring caution with you to Malenhad, for the creatures that live within are both fierce and venomous.

TWENTY GRISLY BAT-TALONS The bats of Himbar and of Carn Dûm are deadly creatures of evil, unmatched by those that roost outside of the land of Angmar. Their talons are cruelly-hooked, but I know you are a captain of merit and do not fear them! Twenty should be enough to strengthen the equipment I will fashion for you.

When you have acquired the horns and talons I have described within these notes, return to me before you seek the final set of components.


The fastness of Urugarth is a deadly stronghold in the land of Angmar, and some Uruk of great power must command its forces. Beyond his name, I know nothing of this mysterious figure. Seek an Uruk named Lagmâs, for he likely holds a Badge of Command that grants him power over the Uruks of Urugarth.

PUTRID SLIME OF HELCHGAM The tale of Helchgam is not one I would tell you gladly, even if I knew it in its entirety. Where it came from, I do not know. Perhaps it has lived within its fetid pool beneath Carn Dûm for years uncounted, and the city was raised above it.

Know only that Helchgam is a horror that should never have been and will be your greatest challenge.

When you have obtained a Badge of Command and some putrid slime from Helchgam, bring them to me, and I will finish the piece of equipment I am fashioning for you.

This item used to be given during the Captains quest Articles of Command. It is no longer given to the player.