Item:Cushioned Bench Decoration Recipe

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Artisan Tailor Recipe-icon.png
  Cushioned Bench Decoration Recipe
  • Requires: Friend Standing with Rangers of Esteldín
  • Requires: Artisan Tailor crafting ability
  • "Using this scroll grants an Artisan Tailor recipe."
  • Worth: 4 Silver 13 Copper 
Cushioned Bench-icon.png
Cushioned Bench
Artisan Craft XP Earned: 4

Tool Required: Tailor's Tools
Facility Required: Superior Workbench

Crafting Panel - Proficiency-icon.png Ingredients:
0/1 Bench
Bolt of Silk Cloth-icon.png
0/1 Bolt of Silk Cloth
Spool of Silk Thread-icon.png
0/1 Spool of Silk Thread
Brushed Pristine Leather-icon.png
0/2 Brushed Pristine Leather

Vendor Information

This recipe may be purchased from Malenfang in Esteldín Crafters' Courtyard. [9.6S, 40.7W]