Item:Cup of Spring Barley Flour

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Cup of Spring Barley Flour-icon.png
  Cup of Spring Barley Flour
  • Item Level: 10
  • Component
  • "Flour made from spring barley is rich with fiber."
  • Worth: 7 Copper 
  • Stacks to 500

Craft Information

Profession: Cook

Crafting Level: Apprentice (Tier 1)

Recipe: Apprentice Cook Recipe-icon.png Cup of Spring Barley Flour Recipe


Craft Item Critical Success
Cup of Spring Barley Flour-icon.png Cup of Spring Barley Flour 3Cup of Spring Barley Flour-icon.png Cups of Spring Barley Flour

This item is used by a Cook as a component for the following:

Crafting component for Crafting component for
Bag of Crumbs-icon.png Bag of Crude Crumbs Bag of Crumbs-icon.png Bag of Crumbs
Bread-icon.png Barley Bread Beef Turnover-icon.png Beef Turnover
Blueberry Muffins-icon.png Blueberry Muffins Tart-icon.png Blueberry Tart
Catfish Cakes-icon.png Catfish Cakes Hard Biscuits-icon.png Hard Biscuits
Hard Tack Ration-icon.png Hard Tack Ration Pie Crust-icon.png Pie Crust
Shire Pudding-icon.png Shire Pudding Tart-icon.png Strawberry Tart
Ball of Dough-icon.png Waybread Dough Ball of Dough-icon.png Waybread Dough

View the Cook Recipe Index for more details.

Quest Reward

This item is a quest reward for the following: