Item:Chunk of High-grade Doomfold Skarn

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Chunk of High-grade Doomfold Skarn-icon.png
  Chunk of High-grade Doomfold Skarn
  • Item Level: 106
  • "This rare piece of skarn contains an abundance of Doomfold ore, which can be smelted by experienced Doomfold Prospectors.

    High-quality skarn contains pure Gorgoroth ore, which can be extracted and used in some Doomfold Jeweller, Metalsmith, Prospector, and Weaponsmith recipes to increase the change of critical success."
  • Worth: 4 Silver 88 Copper 
  • Stacks to 500

Craft Information

Profession: Prospector

Resource Spawns: Gorgoroth Skarn Deposit, Erebor Skarn Deposit

Crafting Level: Doomfold (Tier 11)

This item is used by a Doomfold Prospector as a component for the following:

View the Prospector Doomfold Recipe Index for more details.

Item Information

This item can be found in a Gorgoroth Crafting Bundle-icon.png Gorgoroth Crafting Bundle.