Item:Bow Chant: Anórien Foe-finder

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Bow Chant Foe-finder-icon.png
  Bow Chant: Anórien Foe-finder
  • Item Level: 100
  • Consumed On Use
  • On Use:
  • -400 Ranged Skill Evade Chance Modifier
  • Duration: 35m
  • Cooldown: 1m
  • Minimum Level 100
  • Class: Hunter
  • Requires: Bow Chants
  • "Performing this bow chant empowers your bow with new strength: Your arrows are more difficult to Evade."
  • Worth: 3 Silver 75 Copper 
  • Stacks to 50

Item Information

Craft Information

Profession: Scholar

Crafting Level: Anórien (Tier 10)

Recipe: Bow Chant: Anórien Foe-finder Recipe

Standard Recipe Result: 3Bow Chant Foe-finder-icon.png Bow Chants: Anórien Foe-finder

Critical Success Result: 6Bow Chant Foe-finder-icon.png Bow Chants: Anórien Foe-finder

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Additional Information

With Update 20 - Battle of the Black Gate - March 21, 2017, the buff applied by Anórien bow chants to hunters was reduced with 50%. The tooltip of bow chants that were crafted before Update 20 still show the old values (twice as high), but do apply the correct (nerfed) buff.