Item:Bottle of 'Sticky Apple' Cider Recipe

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Apprentice Cook Recipe-icon.png
  Bottle of 'Sticky Apple' Cider Recipe
  • Single Use Recipe
  • Requires: Apprentice Cook crafting ability
  • "Using this scroll grants an Apprentice Hobnanigans Cook Recipe."
  • Worth: 69 Copper 
Ale 2-icon.png
Bottle of 'Sticky Apple' Cider
Apprentice Craft XP Earned: 8 Only One Use

Tool Required: Cooking Supplies
Facility Required: Oven

Crafting Panel - Proficiency-icon.png Ingredients:
Shire Apple-icon.png
0/1 Shire Apple
Bottle of Water-icon.png
0/1 Bottle of Water
Pinch of Yeast-icon.png
0/1 Pinch of Ale Yeast

Barter Information

Barterer: Hobnanigans Recipes Quartermaster when Hobnanigans is active

Item to Receive Items to Trade
Apprentice Cook Recipe-icon.png Bottle of 'Sticky Apple' Cider Recipe Hobnanigans Token-icon.png 10 Hobnanigans Tokens