Item:Bit of Pure Gorgoroth Ore

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Bit of Pure Gorgoroth Ore-icon.png
  Bit of Pure Gorgoroth Ore
  • Item Level: 106
  • "These fragments can be added while forging to strengthen metal weapons and other objects.

    This item can be used in some Doomfold Jeweller, Metalsmith, Prospector, and Weaponsmith recipes to increase the chance of critical success."
  • Worth: 17 Silver 80 Copper 
  • Stacks to 500

Craft Information

Profession: Prospector

​Crafting Tier: Doomfold (Tier 11)

​Recipe: Westemnet Prospector Recipe-icon.png Bit of Pure Gorgoroth Ore Recipe


Standard Critical
Bit of Pure Gorgoroth Ore-icon.png Bit of Pure Gorgoroth Ore Bit of Pure Gorgoroth Ore-icon.png 3 Bits of Pure Gorgoroth Ore

This item is used as a Mastery Component for most Tier 11 recipes.

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