Item:Benton's Catalogue, Page One

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  Benton's Catalogue, Page One
  • Quest: A Well-Ordered Mind Damage
  • "A letter."

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Quest Information

The following quest is required in order to have this item in your inventory:

Text Information

Benton's Catalogue, Page One

The disorganization of my first library caused me no end of distress when I sought to find one book out of hundreds; now that the mayor has given me permission to use this space -- my collection having greatly expanded -- I have sworn to better organize it.

I collected these tomes and scrolls, but did not stop to read them all. One day, perhaps, I shall have the time to do so. This catalogue will help me to find what books I seek in that unlikely, but rosy event. The most important thing to have is a well- ordered mind, for then you will want for nothing. To that end, I set down this catalogue. In this way, my son Dorset shall be able to locate whatever tome he seeks after I have gone. I pass the entirety to him that he shall become the lore- master I could never be.

I have divided the bookshelves of my new library into five sections by letter: A, B, C, D, and E. The seven bookshelves against the wall opposite the entrance form Section A, numbered 1 through 7, from left to right. Sections B and C are along the right wall of the library, and sections E and D are against the left. The twelve bookshelves of Section B are organized in a crescent shape, with B1 being nearest to A7, and then moving in that way around the crescent until it ends with B12.

C1 through C12 form a similar crescent, such that if you pass by B12 on