Item:Bagmund's Medallion

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Bagmund's Medallion-icon.png
  Bagmund's Medallion
  • Unique
  • Bind on Acquire
  • Device
  • On Use:
  • Your damage and power regeneration are greatly increased for a short time.
    +50% Melee Damage
    +50% Ranged Damage
    +210 in-Combat Power Regen
  • Duration: 3m
  • Cooldown: 10m
  • Minimum Level 75
  • Not useable in Monster Play
  • Requires: Bagmund's Scorn
  • You must have the quest 'Lights in the Land'.
  • "This medallion will grant you a buff to your damage output and in-combat power regeneration."

Quest Information

This item is a reward for the quest [75] Banishing the Dishonoured.

This item is useable while on the quest [75] Lights in the Land and [75] Lights in the Land -- Repeatable.