Item:An Epic Battle Awaits

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Letter 3 (quest)-icon.png
  An Epic Battle Awaits

Quest Information

This relates to the training tutorial for Epic Battles.
Upon reaching Level 10, a character automatically receives this letter in the mail.
The training turtorial is repeatable.
(No item is placed in your inventory.)

Item Information

A Message from Erkenbrand's Messenger:

From: Erkenbrand's Messenger
To: <name>
Subject: An Epic Battle Awaits
My master Erkenbrand sent me forth from his fortress of the Hornburg, in Helm's Deep, to bring word to adventurers of the epic battles that will soon be joined in Rohan.
If you would learn how to fight in such large-scale engagements, come see me at the Boar Fountain in the town of Bree.