Item:A Letter From Combe

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  A Letter From Combe
  • Unique
  • Minimum Level 5
  • Starts Quest: New Arrival in Combe
  • "A letter from the Stable-help in Combe asking for help with a new arrival."

Quest Information

Item Information

This item arrives attached to a letter.

Quest Text

From: Combe Stable-help

To: <name>

Subject: Horse Needs Assistance

Hello friend,

The Stable-master of Combe instructed me to seek out assistance in helping a newly arrived horse here at the stables of Combe. This new horse seems unusual and could use some special attention that I just don't have time to give it right now! The stables have been having trouble keeping the current horses in good health with all the traffic in and out of Combe.

Please take a moment to read the attached letter, and there are directions to the stable of Combe from Bree. I hope to see you soon!

Combe Stable-help