Isdi's Notes

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This is in regard to the following quest: Articles of Mystery

Isdi's Notes

The lineage of an item holds great power, and it is with this knowledge that I set before you a series of difficult tasks. The article I make for you will draw its strength from the tale of its making, and if it were easy, the resulting piece would suffer for it.

The following notes will provide guidance on the tasks I would have you complete, and the order in which I would have you return the items to me. It will take time for me to fashion this piece, and the sequence of your deeds is important.

For the Lore-master


In the foothills of Fasach-larran; in the land of Angmar, a mighty boar with ashen skin runs along the cliffs. He is called Grimgore, and he moves with the speed of death, his trempling hooves echoing along the grey stone of that inhospitable place. Do not fear him, but keep your wits about you, for Grimgore is a fearsome opponent. His fur possesses a toughness that cannot be obtained through other means. It will be a valuable addition to the piece of equipment I will make for you.


The Corcur of the Misty Mountains bear on their person emblems that reveal their servitude to some fell master. Who or what this master may be is unclear, despite my studies of the matter, but I can recognize evil when I behold it.

Deprive the Corcur of these emblems, and hey may shake of their subservience to this master. I will destroy the emblems when you return with them, that I may give to the equipment I make for you a memory of those who would welcome war against us.

When you have triumphed over Grimgore and have bested the Corcur, bring their items to me before you continue.


The wights of Angmar should have returned to dust long ago, but still they walk, creatures of immense evil and full of hatred for the living. If you are able to bring me the remains of wights from Imlad Balchorth, Himbar, Nan Gurth, or Carn Dûm, the memory of these evil creatures will strengthen the equipment I make for you against them.


My friend Deluros suspects some foul craft of Angmar is responsible for the creation of the brimstone-leeches of the great swamp of Malenhad, for leeches of such size and agressiveness do not appear in any records with which he is familiar. I will use the bubbling droplets you collect from these unnatural creatures to test the resistance of the equipment I will make for you.

When you have acquired the remains and the droplets I have described within these notes, return to me before you seek the final set of components.


The tale of Helchgam is not one I would tell you gladly, even if I knew it in its entirety. Where it came from, I do not know. Perhaps it has lived within its fetid pool beneath Carn Dûm for years uncounted, and the city was raised above it.

Know only that Helchgam is a horror that should never have been an will be your greatest challenge.


The goblins of the Uruk fortress of Urugarth put great stock in the wearing of badges and the displaying of ranks, an even their leaders -- especially their leaders -- are fond of the practice. The goblin Akrûr displays his badge particularly prominently, for he it is that is charged with guarding the path that winds up to the roost of the great drake Lhugrien.

When you have obtained some putrid slime from Helchgam and a goblin badge of rank, bring them to me, and I will finish the piece of equipment I am fashioning for you.