In a Pear Tree

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Deed Lore

Obsessed with partridge, you think of it day and night. Your only solace is to eat it. Yummy, yummy partridge.

To complete this deed perform the following objective(s)

A truly delicious pie.
This lovely meal will please the whole family.
Simple and wholesome, this is a wonderful dish on cold, wet days.
A new comfort food favourite!
This is an excellent dish, simply to prepare but delicious.


  Food Eating-title-icon.png <name>, In a Pear Tree

Additional Information

All above pies must be consumed Five (5) times to complete this hidden deed.

Some superior versions of the above foods also count toward completion of this deed. Some foods also count toward completion of other consumption deeds.

You can consume these in any order, at any pace, and at any time during your characters life. Foods that are listed in more than one of the eating titles count for multiple titles. Also, you can be working on one or all of the consumption titles at any time.

All these types of meals are Crafted by a Cook. A Westemnet Cook (Tier 9) and with Ally Standing with The Ents of Fangorn Forest can prepare all these meals.

You will need to be at least level 95 to complete this deed, the meals cannot be consumed unless you are level 95.

The list of all the ingredients a Cook will need:

Bought from a vendor:

Crafted by a Farmer:

Gathered by farming:

In the process of crafting the items needed, the cook will have to craft the following intermediate items, already accounted for in the lists above: