In Defence of Middle-earth

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In Defence of Middle-earth-icon.png
 In Defence of Middle-earth
  • +[MIN(Level;85)+MAX(Level-85;0)*3] Might
    +[MIN(Level;85)+MAX(Level-85;0)*3] Vitality
    +[MIN(Level;85)+MAX(Level-85;0)*3] Will
    +[MIN(Level;85)+MAX(Level-85;0)*3] Fate
    +[MIN(Level;85)+MAX(Level-85;0)*3] Agility

Skill Relationship

The skill Motivating Speech-icon.png Improved Motivating Speech bestows this effect on allies in a radius of 20 metres. If people move further away, they will lose the buff.

The main stat buff increases with 1 for each level below 85. Above 85, this buff grows with 3 for each level. The captain's allies get at the most the buff of the captain's level. If the ally is much lower in level, at the most 9 above the allies' level.