Improved Wild Attack

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Wild Attack-icon.png
 Improved Wild Attack
  • 2.5m Range
  • Melee Skill
  • A single powerful melee attack. Critical Hits with this skill increase your Critical Hit chance for a short time.
  • (100 + Physical melee bonus)% of Main-hand + bonus Damage
  • Cost: ... Power
  • Adds 1 to Fervour
  • Apply to self on critical:
  • +5% Critical Hit Chance
    Duration: 6s
  • Cooldown: 1.8s

General Information

Class: Champion

Level: 83

Training Price: 688 Silver 90 Copper 

Training this skill will replace Wild Attack.


  • The trait Athletic adds a stun effect to this skill, if it is used while Sprint is active.
  • The trait Blood-lust adds 1 extra Fervour with a Critical Hit from this skill.
  • The trait Call of the Wild causes this skill to generate more threat.