Improved Song of Aid

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Song of Aid-icon.png
 Song of Aid
  • Channel Duration: 20s
  • The minstrel inspires his fellows to heroic feats.

    Burglar: Gains a Critical Response.

    Captain: Gains an Enemy Defeat Response.

    Champion: Gains an Enemy Defeat Response.

    Guardian: Gains a Block Response and a Parry Response.

    Hunter: Gains a Parry Response.

    Lore-master: Beacon of Hope has a decreased Cooldown and Morale Cost.

    Minstrel: Unlocks Bolster Courage for free and War-speech Calls.

    Rune-keeper: Scribe's Spark and Prelude to Hope have decreased Cooldowns.

    Warden: Shield Piercer has a decreased cooldown.
  • Cost: ... Power Per Second
  • Channeled Skill
  • Cooldown: 4m


Level Power Per Second
66 12
67 12
68 12
69 12
70 13
71 13
72 13
73 13
74 13
75 13

General Information

Class: Minstrel

Level: 66

Training Price: 435 Silver 60 Copper 

This skill replaces Song of Aid-icon.png Song of Aid.


Using this skill allows some classes to use some of their skills more frequently.