Guleneth (Bard)

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This page is about the Bard in the Ettenmoors. For the NPC in Ered Luin, see Guleneth
Image of Guleneth
Title Bard of Glân Vraig
Gender Male
Race Elf
Region Ettenmoors
Settlement Glân Vraig
Map Ref [20.9S, 13.7W]


Guleneth is the Bard of Glân Vraig.

Bards allow players to purchase musical instruments to play music.


Item Cost
Basic Bagpipe-icon.png Basic Bagpipe Silver
Basic Bassoon-icon.png Basic Bassoon Silver
Basic Clarinet-icon.png Basic Clarinet Silver
Basic Cowbell-icon.png Basic Cowbell Silver
Basic Drum-icon.png Basic Drum Silver
Sprightly Fiddle-icon.png Basic Fiddle Silver
Basic Flute-icon.png Basic Flute Silver
Basic Harp-icon.png Basic Harp Silver
Basic Horn-icon.png Basic Horn Silver
Basic Lute-icon.png Basic Lute Silver
Basic Pibgorn-icon.png Basic Pibgorn Silver
Basic Theorbo-icon.png Basic Theorbo Silver
Blank Mentor Manual-icon.png Blank Mentor Manual 500 Silver
Lute of Ages-icon.png Lute of Ages Silver
Misty Mountain Harp-icon.png Misty Mountain Harp Silver
Simple Pibgorn-icon.png Simple Pibgorn 60 Silver
Student's Fiddle-icon.png Student's Fiddle Silver