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This page is about NPC in Scuttledells. For Forge-master of Thangúlhad, see Gladiel (Forge-master)
Image of Gladiel
Gender Female
Race Elf
Region Mirkwood
Area Scuttledells
Map Ref [11.5S, 49.3W]


Gladiel is a quest-giver in the Scuttledells.

Quest Involvement

Vol. 2, Book 9:

Quotes after Instance: Mazog in the Web in Mirkwood:

'I cannot believe Issuriel is dying! I cannot believe it!'
'The Scuttledells are tangled and wild, and its spiders deadly.'
'The forces of the Enemy do not seem to be watching the Scuttledells.'
'Most of these spiders are small... I did not know of Saebereth!'
'A single spider does not have the venom to be a real danger. Avoid groups!'
'Had I known of Saebereth, I never would have recommended this way!'