Fused Relics

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Item Information

Fused Relics are items that can be deconstructed to give you several Relics of a certain tier. They can be rewarded from quests or drop from bosses or chests or won in Hobbit Presents. You can also exchange Marks at a Skirmish Camp for Fused Relics.


Each type of fused relic will give different tiers of relics. Lower tiers will give more relics than higher tiers.

Tier # of Relics Fused Relics
1 6-10 Fused Bronze Relics-icon.png Fused Bronze Relics
2 3-8 Fused Copper Relics-icon.png Fused Copper Relics
3 2-6 Fused Iron Relics-icon.png Fused Iron Relics
4 1-3 Fused Early Relics-icon.png Fused Early Relics
5 1-3 Fused Aged Relics-icon.png Fused Aged Relics
6 1-2 Fused Profound Relics-icon.png Fused Profound Relics
7 1-2 Fused Deep Relics-icon.png Fused Deep Relics
8 1-2 Fused Calenard Relics-icon.png Fused Calenard Relics
9 1-2 Fused Riddermark Relics-icon.png Fused Riddermark Relics
10 1-2 Fused Riddermark Relics-icon.png Fused Eorlingas Relics


To access the relics inside, you must take the Fused Relics to a Relic-master. They can deconstruct the Fused Relic, unsealing the usable Relics within.