Fire-breathing Potion

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Fire-breathing Potion (skill)-icon.png
 Fire-breathing Potion
  • 3.2m Range
  • Max Targets: 10
  • Radius: 3m
  • Induction: 3s
  • Swallow this potion to breath fire and win the admiration of any who stand near.

    There goes your eyebrows...
  • Cooldown: 1m

Skill Information

This skill is learned from Festival Skill: Fire-breathing Potion which is received upon completing Consume Consumables: Fire-breathing.

Effect Information

Using this skill summons a giant drake made of fire that breaths fire in a frontal area of effect. Anyone in that area receives the effect Fire 1 (debuff)-icon.png I am on FIRE! and appears as if burning.


Fire-breathing Potion.jpg