Fellwing Screecher

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 Fellwing Screecher
Fellwing Screecher.jpg
Faction Neutral
Location Ettenmoors
Area The Delving of Frór
Genus Creatures of Nature
Species Bat
Type Normal
Level Range 117
Morale Range 12,236
Power Range 1,011
Special Abilities None


Fellwing Screechers may be found around around the Morroval room in The Delving of Fror beneath the Ettenmoors. They are the pet of a Morroval Wing-keeper. They can be found stationed as "watchers" to help find those passing through the room and the owner will come if it is attacked or sees someone. They also may be flying next to their keeper.

In either situation, if the bat or the keeper is attacked, both will join combat. If killed in combat, the Morroval Wing-keeper will summon another one to help it fight.