Essence Tiers

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Player Level Essence Titles Essence Tier Essence Item Level Crafting Tier
10 Apprentice Crafting T1
20 Journeyman Crafting T2
30 Expert Crafting T3
40 Artisan Crafting T4
50 Minor, Major, Greater and Unearthed Helegrod T1 55 Master Crafting T5
60 Minor, Major, Greater T2 65 Supreme Crafting T6
70 T3 75 Westfold Crafting T7
80 T4 136 Eastemnet Crafting T8
90 T5 176 Westemnet Crafting T9
95 Minor, Major, Greater and Supreme T6 182 Westemnet Crafting T9
100 T7 192 Anórien Crafting T10
105 Major, Greater, Supreme,
Ithilien, Ithilien-infused, Ithilien-tempered
T8 246-258 Anórien Crafting T10
106 Dark, Empowered Dark, Shadowed T9 300-326 Doomfold Crafting T11
115 Empowered Shadow, Abyssal,
Empowered Abyssal and Northern Stronghold
T10 330-345 Doomfold Crafting T11
116 Weak Mithrin T11 366 Ironfold Crafting T12
120 Mithrin, Empowered Mithrin,
Skirmisher's and Treasured Helegrod
T12 372-395 Ironfold Crafting T12
121 Flickering Moonlit T12 405
130 Softly Moonlit T12 425 Minas Ithil Crafting T13