Enraging Sacrifice (Beorning Trait)

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Enraging Sacrifice (Beorning Trait)-icon.png
 Enraging Sacrifice
  • Beorning
  • Reduces the amount of damage Sacrifice redirects from your ally.
    Gain Wrath every time your Sacrifice target is hit.
    You need 5 ranks in other traits in the The Claw branch.
    Rank 1
    While protecting your ally with Sacrifice:
    Every time your target is hit:
    Apply to the source of Sacrifice: +3 Wrath
    Duration: 12s
    -5% Damage Redirected
    Rank 2
    -10% Damage Redirected
    +1 Wrath per hit
    Rank 3
    -15% Damage Redirected
    +2 Wrath per hit

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