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Image of Emelin
Gender Male
Race The Dead
Region The Lone-lands
Area Harloeg
Settlement Ost Haer
Map Ref [37.7S, 28.0W]


Emelin is found at Ost Haer in the Lone-lands.

Quest Involvement


"Thanks to thee, <name>, our freedom is near!"
"The terror of the darkwater is broken...we are in thy debt, <name>."
"Speak not of destroying the dead, for what am I? Undead, houseless and feeble, brefet of all that makes a Man a Man. Begone with thee!"
"Thou are a marvel among thy kind to behold the walking dead and not tremble."
"Thy courage is an inspiration to the spirit!"
"Defeat my men and I will aid thee."
"Thou have defeated my men."