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Image of Drewett
Title Learned Scholar
Region East Rohan
Area Sutcrofts
Map Ref [52.7S, 63.9W]

Quest Involvement


  • What can you tell me of this stone?
'This is the Stone of Wyrgende, and it is a place of sorrow for the people of Rohan. The greed of King Fengel doomed his line, and the kingdom has languished in the years since he crossed paths with the crone of Wyrgende. The runes on the stone bear long study, and that is what I have given them.'
I see.
  • But the carved runes are so high!
'There is much that is unusual in the old tales. That is the way of such things.'
  • What does the inscription read?
'Would you like to hear the Curse of Wyrgende as it was written in the runes? I have dedicated my life to the study of such things, and am pleased to share it with others. This is what it sounds like aloud:
Hydig Fengel, wanhoga ic ðe hate
gnornung sceal bið seedleænung þin grædignnysse.
Nan reccend þin ryhtfæderencynnes longe gebideð sceal
Nan sunu sceal on þin stole setteð.
Cynn and cyningdom þin crafiende acwellede hæfð
oð þæt mihte Mearces edniwigende is.
'Lovely, is it not? But the meaning is anything but lovely, of course:
'Feckless Fengel, fool I name thee,
Grief shall be the get of thy greed.
No lord of your line shall long live,
Upon thy seat no son shall settle.
Kin and kingdom your craving hath killed,
Until the might of the Mark is mended.
'The means of breaking the curse is unknown, but it is widely believed that only once the Kingdom of Rohan is able achieve the greatness it had of old will the curse be broken.'