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Doom-shroom (skill)-icon.png
  • Induction: 4.0s
  • It's kinda like a gross piñata, except instead of giving you candy it gives you gross.

    Destroys everything you hold dear. It won't be hard.
  • Duration: 8.0s
  • Cooldown: 1m

Skill Information

This skill is learned from the item Festival Skill: Doom-shroom which is a reward for completing the deed Consume Consumables: Doom-shroom (Using Doom-shroom 300 times).

Effect Information

Using this skill causes a gross mushroom to grow which will pulse for a couple seconds before exploding in a green cloud. Any players within the radius will have green slime hanging from their arms and legs and have the effect Disease 2-icon.png Doom-shroom Goo.