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Defence is another way of reducing the damage your character takes, similar to Mitigation. There are 3 types of defence, melee defence, ranged defence and tactical defence. As the names suggest, these affect melee, ranged and tactical damage respectively. Like Mitigation, defence is a rating based statistic. It is then changed into a percentage to work out how much the incoming damage is reduced by. The formula used is the same as for Critical Rating. Note: the maximum damage reduction from defence rating is 15%.

  •  % = Defence Rating / ((1190/3) * Your Level + Defence Rating)

Like Critical Rating, this formula can be reversed to work out the Defence Rating requires to reach a certain %:

  • Defence Rating = ((1190/3) * Level * %) / (1 - %)

The damage reduction from defence rating is applied after Mitigation.

Development History

Defence Ratings were introduced into LoTRO with the Siege of Mirkwood expansion.