Deadly Decoy

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Deadly Decoy-icon.png
 Deadly Decoy
  • Fast
  • Drops an explosive decoy that draws the attention of nearby foes.
  • Cost: ... Power
  • Cooldown: 1m
The Hunter's Decoy

General Information

Class: Hunter

This skill replaces the Decoy-icon.png Decoy skill when the Trapper Of Foes set bonus Deadly Decoy is equipped, which happens after spending 5 Class Trait Points in the trait tree.


Using this skill makes the Hunter drop a decoy which holds the aggro of enemies. It has no morale so it cannot die, but it will explode after 15 seconds, damaging your enemies.

Tactical Information

This skill can be used to increase the Hunter's surviveability as enemies will not attack you. If the enemy is attacking the Hunter, the enemy will generally attack the decoy after 1 or 2 further hits on the Hunter. When the decoy disappears, the enemies will continue to attack the Hunter.