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  • 5.6m Range
  • Melee Skill
  • Max Targets: 3
  • Radius: 5m
  • Crush little annoying things. Sometimes, stun them. Sometimes, make them hurt long time.

  • 787 Common Damage

  • 25% chance to apply:
    3s Stun

  • Cost: 164 Power
    Adds 1 to Rampage

    Apply to target on Critical and Devastating Critical:
    Decreases Might
    -405 Might
    Expires if out of combat for 9 seconds.
    Duration: 3m
  • Cooldown: 10s


A Troll attack used by Troll Session Players in Monster Play.


Sometimes, or if Roar is used, it can apply the following effects to the target.

The Stun effect is totally random. It is not always applied when Roar is used.
  • Cannot move nor act.
  • Duration: 3s
Wound 3-icon.png
 Major Injury
  • Resistance: Wound (50)
  • Decreases Might
    -225 Might
  • Duration: 3m