Coldfells Provisioner

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Freep-icon.png Coldfells Provisioner
Coldfells Provisioner.jpg
Faction Freep
Location Glân Vraig
Map ref [20.7S, 13.5W]
Race Dwarf
Type Vendor


The Coldfells Provisioner is a Vendor found at Glân Vraig in The Ettenmoors. He is a Provisioner.


"How may I help your?"
"What do you need?"


He sells two unique items for the Ettenmoors in addition to the normal "debuff potions," rations and kindling.

Items sold here are more expensive than when purchased elsewhere.

Item Cost
Salt of Hartshorn-icon.png Salt of Hartshorn 16 Silver 20 Copper 
Solvent of Release-icon.png Solvent of Release 16 Silver 20 Copper 
Kindling Material-icon.png Kindling Material 2 Silver 40 Copper 
Tasty Rations-icon.png Tasty Rations 3 Silver 30 Copper 
Infused Conhuith Draught-icon.png Infused Conhuith Draught 19 Silver 50 Copper 
Infused Conhuith Salve-icon.png Infused Conhuith Salve 19 Silver 50 Copper 
Infused Healing Draught-icon.png Infused Healing Draught 19 Silver 50 Copper 
Infused Healing Salve-icon.png Infused Healing Salve 19 Silver 50 Copper 
Infused Lhinestad Draught-icon.png Infused Lhinestad Draught 19 Silver 50 Copper 
Infused Lhinestad Salve-icon.png Infused Lhinestad Salve 19 Silver 50 Copper 
Infused Milkthistle Draught-icon.png Infused Milkthistle Draught 19 Silver 50 Copper 
Infused Milkthistle Salve-icon.png Infused Milkthistle Salve 19 Silver 50 Copper