Chill of Bone

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Your fellowships strikes deep, bone chilling wounds on your foe, rallying and energizing each other as they fight.


  • Tier 6 green: Green player receives immediate heal, all members of the fellowship will receive a heal over time with 5 second tick and 55 second duration. All fear and wound effects are removed from all players as well.
  • Tier 6 blue: Blue player recovers power based on their individual maneuvers' strengths, every member of the fellowship will also recover additional power. Blue player also summons a Greater Noble Spirit for one minute. The spirit acts as a temporary pet, defending its owners if they are attacked.
  • Tier 6 yellow: The target will take bleeding (DoT) damage. A 15 second countdown timer is applied to the target, after it expires target receives a -30% to run speed and -10% to attack speed debuff.


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