Cave-claw Wrangler

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Deed Lore

Cave-claws have long assisted miners in discovering the greatest of treasures.

This deed can only be advanced with Domesticated Cave-claws.

To complete this deed perform the following objective(s)

Hug your Harnessed Cave-claw
Hug your Tan-back Cave-claw
Hug your Green-beak Cave-claw
Hug your Pink-beak Cave-claw
Hug your Black-beak Cave-claw
Hug your Green-back Cave-claw


   <name>, Cave-claw Wrangler

Additional Information

  • This deed is available at level 1.
  • Players must use the /hug emote with the cave-claw selected for it to count toward completion of the deed.
  • This deed becomes available upon completion of Introduction: Treasure Hunt
  • The cave-claws from this deed are summoned from the item Domesticated Cave-claw, available for 5 Buried Treasure Tokens each, from Marís ("Rewards Vendor") in the Treasure Field Base Camp during the Treasure Hunt, not the Trained Cave-claw housing item from Marís, and not the treasure-seeking cave-claws summoned via Trained Cave-claw Cage from Sigtir ("Barter Vendor"), as a quest reward from the repeatable Berries quest, or as drops from treasure caches.
  • Despite the use of the possessive "your", players can hug other players' summoned cave-claws, if they are sufficiently close, and in the same layer of the game.
  • Neither the character, nor the cave-claw being hugged, need to be in the vicinity of the Treasure Hunt field or its base camp.
  • The type/color of summoned cave-claws are random or semi-random (see next bullet point). They last approximately 90 seconds before despawning. If not clicked on every few seconds, they have a tendency to wander away.
  • Each summoning has a 10-minute cooldown, but the deed, once bestowed, can be advanced even when the Treasure Hunt event is not active. So, one option, if short on time, is to stockpile some cave-claw summoning items and complete the deed at one's leisure. If one assumes equal probability distribution, then, on average, 15 items should be sufficient to obtain all 6 cave-claw types, similar to the calculation for die-rolling (see, e.g. But, one should accumulate more than that, to account for bad random-number generation, and the fact that the cave-claw type called "harnessed" in the deed, Domesticated Cave-claw, seems to appear less frequently than the others. More analysis is needed with respect to the frequency distribution.
  • There is no Harnessed Cave-claw, instead the cave-claw which counts is called Domesticated Cave-claw.