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This is a forked and somewhat tricky quest-chain but the following seems to sketch the dependencies:

The Quest:Adso's Delivery opens up "A Matter of Feed" and "Supplies and Demands" and the quest-chain Unfair Cost of Business. That chain also forks off but any one of the Quest:Paying Bills or Quest:Threats and Follow-through opens up the quest "A Matter of Warmth".

Either one of the quests "A Matter of Feed" or "A Matter of Warmth" opens up both "Searching for Fresh Springs" and "In the Shadow of Giants".

The only remaining quest that is truly chained is "Wolf-pelts" who depends on "A Matter of Feed".
None of the step 2) quests is prerequisite for yet further quests.
The above is based on own in-game experience, lorebook and zam.

For simplicity only the two major prerequisites are mentioned in the following transclusion:

Prerequisites for "A Matter of Feed" and "Supplies and Demands":
  Completed the quest Adso's Delivery

Prerequisites for "A Matter of Warmth":
  Completed any one of the quests Paying Bills
or Threats and Follow-through

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