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  1. [85] A Quest for Answers - vector from Wildermore: Fallows Quests
  2. [85] Strange Sights on the Horizon
  3. [85] Empty
  4. [85] Another Strange Landmark
  5. [85] A Search for Survivors
  6. [85] Witnessed Accounts
  7. [85] The Fate of the Livestock
    [85] Hope for the Harvest
    [85] Ward Against the Cold
  8. [85] The Day the Giant Came
  9. [85] The Search for the Missing Man
  10. [85] A Clue to the Artifact
  11. [85] The Story of a Strange Stone
  12. [85] News the Reeve Must Hear - vector to Wildermore: High Knolls Quests

Available after completing The Search for the Missing Man

  1. [85] The Fishermen: Unaware of the Threat - This quest must be completed before the refugees leave the Whitshaws.
  2. [85] The Fishermen: A Quiet Life
  3. [85] The Fishermen: Harrying Riders
    [85] The Fishermen: Drawing in the Nets
  4. [85] The Fishermen: Meat for a Cold Journey's End
    [85] The Fishermen: Burying For Another Day

Daily Repeatables


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