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  • As of Book 11 (25 October 2007), there were 409 "known to exist" titles available in the game.
  • As of Update 10 (21 March 2013), there are 736 titles documented on

  • To help locate the title you are looking for information on, this area is subdivided into sub-categories, some of which have their own sub-categories within them.
  • For details on all titles visit Titles.
Category Description
Activity Titles Titles that may be gained by performing certain actions in the game. (eat x amount of this or that, etc...) There are 3 sub-categories here:
Class Titles Titles that may only be obtained by specific classes.
Crafting Titles A list of all titles, broken out by crafting trade.
Epic Book Titles Titles awarded for completing parts of the Epic quest line.
Explorer Deed Titles A list of titles that may be obtained by exploring places anywhere in the game.
Family Titles Titles available only to those who have established family relationship trees within the game.
Game Event Titles Titles available only by participating in events that occur within the game. There many sub-categories here.
Instance Titles Titles available within specific instances of the world.
Kinship Titles A list of titles potentially available to members of a kinship; dependent upon rank and kinship type.
Lore Deed Titles Awarded upon completion of Lore Deeds.
Meta Deed Titles Meta Deeds are regional or instance cap-stone deeds. Meta Deeds usually require numerous other deeds or quests for completion.
Monster Play Titles Titles only available to players participating in Monster Play.
There are 3 sub-categories within:
Quest Deed Titles Titles awarded upon completion of a Deed that requires the completion of a number of regional or local quests.
Quest Titles Titles that become available when you have completed certain quests/quest chains.
Racial Titles Titles available depending on your chosen national origin when you created your character.
Regional Titles Titles available within specific regions of the world (Angmar, Bree-land, etc...)
Faction 'Reputation' Deed Titles Awarded when enough reputation points are gained (Ally, Friend, Known, etc.)
Skirmish Titles Titles available within skirmishes.
Slayer Deed Titles A list of titles that may be obtained by slaying a certain number of creatures, of a type, somewhere in the game.
Social Titles A list of all titles that may be obtained by being the target of emotes within the game.
Other Titles A list of all titles that may be obtained from sources outside of game play; such as the purchase of an Expansion or awarded at a "Meet and Greet"


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