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Promotional titles

These titles are awarded for various things independent of in-game activity.


These titles are awarded as bonuses for pre-ordering or purchasing an expansion. Some are available to all characters on an account which has pre-ordered the expansion. Those can no longer be completed or acquired. Others are available to all characters on an account which has purchased the expansion from any source.

There have often been multiple levels of pre-order and purchase available (e.g., Base, Premium and Legendary) each offering a specific set of premiums and unique titles. The bonuses are cumulative with the highest tier rewarding the bonuses from the lower tiers as well.

Mines of Moria

Riders of Rohan

Rise of Isengard


Minas Morgul

In-person events

Awarded by members of game staff in person as well as through the official LOTRO stream.

Anniversary rewards

Awarded for accounts that have reached a certain age during the LOTRO Anniversary Celebration

Event-title-icon.png Baker's Dozen <name> - Thirteenth anniversary