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This is a list of titles available to the those of the Forester Profession. As with the other professions, to obtain these titles, you need to gain proficiency in your profession by practicing your profession. There are 8 tiers of skill with a base tier and a mastery tier for each.

Forester Titles
Tier Title
Tier 1 Apprentice Forester
Master Apprentice Forester
Tier 2 Journeyman Forester
Master Journeyman Forester
Tier 3 Expert Forester
Master Expert Forester
Tier 4 Artisan Forester
Master Artisan Forester
Tier 5 Master Forester
Grand Master Forester
Tier 6 Supreme Forester
Supreme Master Forester
Tier 7 Westfold Forester
Westfold Master Forester
Tier 8 Eastemnet Forester
Eastemnet Master Forester
Tier 9 Westemnet Forester
Westemnet Master Forester
Tier 10 Anórien Forester
Anórien Master Forester
Tier 11 Forester of the Doomfold
Master Forester of the Doomfold
Tier 12 Forester of the Ironfold
Master Forester of the Ironfold