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Food Eating Titles
This is a list of titles that may be obtained by eating certain types of food in the game.
  • the Unwise - You ate the cheese even after observing all of the warning signs. This makes you especially unwise.
Eat a Barrow-brie cheese. (Drops randomly from Elite Wights in Haudh Iarchith)
Eat 9 Eggs and Onions, 9 Complete Hobbit Breakfasts, 9 Delicious Crispy Bacons, and 9 Hobbiton Omelets.
Eat 3 Roast Pork, 3 Pork Sausages, 3 Pork Chops, 3 Delicious Crispy Bacons, 3 Steak & Kidney Pies, 3 Coney Pies, 3 Coney Stews, 3 Beef Stews, 3 Salted Beef Delights, 3 Roasted Chickens, 3 Delicious Steaks, and 3 Stew of Kings
Eat 6 pies in 30 seconds at the Festival Grounds.
Eat 7 Steak & Kidney Pies, 7 Mushroom Pies, 7 Coney Pies, 7 Perfect Pies, and 7 Spiced Apple Pies.
  • Vegetarian - You prefer meals of vegetables and fruits.
Eat 6 Fried Mushrooms, 6 Mushroom Pies, 6 Cooked Carrots, 6 Stuffed Cabbages, 6 Vegetable Medleys, and 6 Ultimate Carrot Cakes.
Eat 100 Lembas.
Eat 5 Bacon-wrapped Roast Partridge, 5 Baked Beans with Partridge, 5 Partridge and a Pear Treat, 5 Partridge Hot Pot, and 5 Partridge Pie.

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