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Chunk of Doomfold Skarn-icon.png Chunk of Doomfold Skarn
Doomfold Ingot-icon.png Doomfold Ingot
Doomfold Metal Shaving-icon.png Doomfold Metal Shaving
Quality Doomfold Ingot-icon.png Quality Doomfold Ingot
Chunk of High-grade Doomfold Skarn-icon.png Chunk of High-grade Doomfold Skarn - From Gorgoroth Skarn Deposits (rare)
Bit of Pure Gorgoroth Ore-icon.png Bit of Pure Gorgoroth Ore
Black Adamant Shard-icon.png Black Adamant Shard (extremely rare)



Log of Gorgoroth Wood-icon.png Log of Gorgoroth Wood
Doomfold Board-icon.png Doomfold Board
Doomfold Wood Shavings-icon.png Doomfold Wood Shaving
Strong Board of Doomfold Wood-icon.png Strong Board of Doomfold Wood
Log of Lasgalen Wood-icon.png Log of Lasgalen Wood
Strong Lasgalen Branch-icon.png Strong Lasgalen Branch (Rare)
Strong Gorgoroth Branch-icon.png Strong Gorgoroth Branch (Rare)
Piece of Doomfold Bark-icon.png Piece of Doomfold Bark
Doomfold Hide-icon.png Doomfold Hide
Brushed Doomfold Leather-icon.png Brushed Doomfold Leather



Brushed Doomfold Leather-icon.png Brushed Doomfold Leather



 Gorgoroth Artifact Chest
 Dale Artifact Chest
Tattered Doomfold Parchment-icon.png Tattered Doomfold Parchment
Piece of Doomfold Sealed Wax-icon.png Piece of Doomfold Sealed Wax



Ithilien Crop-icon.png Ithilien Crop
Pile of Rich Ithilien Soil-icon.png Pile of Rich Ithilien Soil



Black Adamant-icon.png Black Adamant

All Doomfold Recipes


Categorizing Crafting Icons

  • Resources include wood, deposits, scholar artifacts, and others.
Resources are typically harvested by Prospectors, Foresters, Scholars or Farmers.
See: Category: Resource Icons and Category: Resource Items
  • Components are crafted from resources, such as leathers, ingots, plants, and scrolls created to be used in production of other items.
Included in this group as the icons for optional components used to improve critical success in recipes.
See: Category: Component Icons and Category: Component Items
  • Ingredients are items that are purchased or acquired as drops, loot or in other ways.
See: Category: Ingredient Icons and Category: Ingredient Items
  • Items are crafted from components and / or Ingredients.

Icon Usage

  • At Lotro-Wiki, as far as possible we are using "generic icons" rather than one unique icon file per item.
  • Due to the use of the same icon for multiple types of items by LOTRO, an icon labeled as a component may also be used for other items such as ingredients.
Notice that in the tables, some icons do not yet exist as "generic", in that case, add the icon; naming it as the next in sequence in the form "type NN (quality)-icon.png"