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See also Category: Icons.
All Armour Icons on Lotro-Wiki should be in one of these subcategories.

Icon Usage

  • At Lotro-Wiki, as far as possible we are using "generic icons" rather than one unique icon file per item.
  • Due to the use of the same icon for multiple types of items by LOTRO, an icon labeled as "Medium" may apply to "Light" and/or "Heavy" as well.
Notice that some icons do not yet exist as "generic", in that case, add the icon; naming it as the next in sequence in the form "type NN (quality)-icon.png"
Armour Icon Usage Index
Icons: Hats & HelmsShoulders, Shoulder Guards & PauldronsCloaksArmours & RobesGloves & GauntletsLeggingsShoes & BootsShields

Armour Icons

Main Type Sub-type Comments
Armour Icons Category:Armour Icons
Category:Back Icons‎ Cloaks
Category:Chest Icons‎
Category:Light Chest Icons
Category:Medium Chest Icons
Category:Heavy Chest Icons
Category:Feet Icons‎
Category:Light Feet Icons
Category:Medium Feet Icons
Category:Heavy Feet Icons
Category:Gloves Icons‎
Category:Light Gloves Icons
Category:Medium Gloves Icons
Category:Heavy Gloves Icons
Category:Head Icons‎
Category:Light Head Icons
Category:Medium Head Icons
Category:Heavy Head Icons
Category:Legs Icons‎
Category:Light Legs Icons
Category:Medium Legs Icons
Category:Heavy Legs Icons
Category:Shield Icons‎
Category:Shoulder Icons‎
Category:Light Shoulder Icons
Category:Medium Shoulder Icons
Category:Heavy Shoulder Icons

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