Calm Before the Storm

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Reputation-title-icon.png <name>, Calm Before the Storm
Grouped under: Quest
You have discovered the location of mysterious relics throughout Middle-earth, but whatever evil they portend, you are not afraid: you will stand against it, whatever the danger, whenever it arrives.
Complete deed: Mysterious Relics

You must find, and complete each quest given by the following Mysterious Relics:

  • Oatbarton at [23.6S, 66.7W]

  • William Peake's Farm at [10.3S, 46.9W]

  • The Ironspan at [16.9, 59.5]

  • Laenen Caves at [24.8S, 17.7W]

  • Thrór's Coomb at [67.2S, 8.3W]