Benton's Catalogue

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For easier reading, this page contains the combined text from following items: Benton's Catalogue, Page One, Benton's Catalogue, Page Two, and Benton's Catalogue, Page Three, from the quest: A Well-ordered Mind,

Benton's Catalogue, Page One

The disorganization of my first library caused me
no end of distress when I sought to find one book
out of hundreds; now that the mayor has given
me permission to use this space -- my collection
having greatly expanded -- I have sworn to better
organize it.

I collected these tomes and scrolls, but did not stop
to read them all. One day, perhaps, I shall have
the time to do so. This catalogue will help me to
find what books I seek in that unlikely, but rosy
event. The most important thing to have is a well-
ordered mind, for then you will want for nothing.
To that end, I set down this catalogue. In this
way, my son Dorset shall be able to locate
whatever tome he seeks after I have gone. I pass
the entirety to him that he shall become the lore-
master I could never be.

I have divided the bookshelves of my new library
into five sections by letter: A, B, C, D, and E. The
seven bookshelves against the wall opposite the
entrance form Section A, numbered 1 through 7,
from left to right. Sections B and C are along the
right wall of the library, and sections E and D are
against the left. The twelve bookshelves of Section
B are organized in a crescent shape, with B1 being
nearest to A7, and then moving in that way
around the crescent until it ends with B12.

C1 through C12 form a similar crescent, such that
if you pass by B12 on

Benton's Catalogue, Page Two

your left, you will arrive at C1. These
bookshelves are similarly numbered, ending with
C12 at the far leg of the crescent.

I turn now to the crescent on the left wall of the
library, opposite Section C. This is Section D, but
be warned - the bookshelf that is closest to the
entrance but remains a part of this structure is
D11, and the numbering follows the arc of the
crescent backwards: D10, D9, D8, and so on,
ending with D1 as the bookshelf at the crown of
its other leg.

When my collection of materials made necessary
the formation of Section E, I encountered a brief
difficuly -- the existing tunnels had been sealed
off with stonework resulting in less usable area in
that corner of the library than I was promised.
Not wishing to air my complaint, given the
mayor's generosity to me, I placed only a portion
of the traditional crescent of shelves by the sealed
doorway. E5 begins on the left wall closest to the
stonework, and then proceeds with E6 and E7
through to E10. E11, E12, and E13 are to be found
in the very left corner on the wall by the entrance
-- E13 being the shelf closest to the entrance. -- and
E1 can be found on the other side of the entrance,
in the very corner. The next three bookshelves,
counting towards the entrance, are E2, E3, and

Books and Tomes by Theme:

Histories of the Old Kingdoms, Written in the
North: B2-B5, C6, E10-E12
Histories of the Old Kingdoms, Written in the
South: A1, A4-A5, B8, C1-C3
Of Plants and Herbs, Volumes 1-4: C4-C5, D6,
Of Plants and Herbs, Volumes 5-8: E6-E9, A2-A3

Benton's Catalogue, Page Three

The Lesser-known Wilds: B1, B6, C10-C12
The Dangers of the South-lands: B10, D1, D3,
D10-11, E13
Family Trees: Bree-land: A6, B7, B12
Family Trees: Remnants of the North Kingdom:
A7, C7
Unverified Legends, Volumes 1-12: B11, C8, D2,
D7, D9
Unverified Legends, Volumes 13-20: C9, E2-E4
Creatures of Evil and Malice: D4, E1, E5
Concerning the Little Folk: D5

Was there another bookshelf? If so, it has slipped
my mind. I am sure my son will be able to