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Image of Barthavron
Role Housing Furnisher
Gender Male
Race Elf
Region Ered Luin
Area Falathlorn Homesteads
Map Ref [26.0S, 90.7W]


Barthavron is the Housing Furnisher for Falathlorn Homesteads. He sells various furnishings and recipes.

Quest Involvement

House Furnishings Sold

Item Cost
Music Box 1-icon.png 'East of the Sea' Theme 28 Silver 
Music Box 1-icon.png 'Mithlond' Theme 28 Silver 
Black Floor Paint-icon.png Black Floor Paint 14 Silver 
Black Wall Paint-icon.png Black Wall Paint 14 Silver 
Dark Green Floor Paint-icon.png Dark Green Floor Paint 14 Silver 
Dark Green Wall Paint-icon.png Dark Green Wall Paint 14 Silver 
Plaster Wall-icon.png Detailed Plaster Wall 14 Silver 
Elm Tree-icon.png Elm Tree 14 Silver 
Expert Jeweller Recipe-icon.png Elven Starry Chandelier Decoration Recipe 10 Silver 
Floral Tile Floor-icon.png Floral Tile Floor 14 Silver 
Furnace-icon.png Furnace 14 Silver 
Gold Floor Paint-icon.png Gold Floor Paint 14 Silver 
Gold Wall Paint-icon.png Gold Wall Paint 14 Silver 
Indigo Floor Paint-icon.png Indigo Floor Paint 14 Silver 
Indigo Wall Paint-icon.png Indigo Wall Paint 14 Silver 
Intricate Tile Floor-icon.png Intricate Tile Floor 14 Silver 
Iron Brazier-icon.png Iron Brazier 11 Silver 4 Copper 
Artisan Tailor Recipe-icon.png Large 'Dragon-fly' Rug Decoration Recipe 15 Silver 
Red Leaf Rug-icon.png Large Red Leaf Rug 14 Silver 
Journeyman Tailor Recipe-icon.png Large White 'Leaf Border' Rug Decoration Recipe 5 Silver 
Plaster Wall-icon.png Leaf Plaster Wall 14 Silver 
Maple Tree-stump-icon.png Maple Tree-stump 11 Silver 4 Copper 
Navy Floor Paint-icon.png Navy Floor Paint 14 Silver 
Navy Wall Paint-icon.png Navy Wall Paint 14 Silver 
Olive Floor Paint-icon.png Olive Floor Paint 14 Silver 
Olive Wall Paint-icon.png Olive Wall Paint 14 Silver 
Pink Rhododendron-icon.png Pink Rhododendron 11 Silver 4 Copper 
Red Chair-icon.png Red Chair 11 Silver 4 Copper 
Red Chest-icon.png Red Chest 14 Silver 
Red Dresser-icon.png Red Dresser 14 Silver 
Red Long Chair-icon.png Red Long Chair 14 Silver 
Red Round Table-icon.png Red Round Table 11 Silver 4 Copper 
Expert Woodworker Recipe-icon.png Red Scholar's Bookshelf Decoration Recipe 10 Silver 
Red Stool-icon.png Red Stool 12 Silver 
Red Table-icon.png Red Table 14 Silver 
Reed Vase-icon.png Reed Vase 12 Silver 
Rust Floor Paint-icon.png Rust Floor Paint 14 Silver 
Rust Wall Paint-icon.png Rust Wall Paint 14 Silver 
Shire Oak Tree-icon.png Shire Oak Tree 14 Silver 
Sienna Floor Paint-icon.png Sienna Floor Paint 14 Silver 
Sienna Wall Paint-icon.png Sienna Wall Paint 14 Silver 
Silver Candelabra-icon.png Silver Candelabra 12 Silver 
Master Tailor Recipe-icon.png Small 'High Seas' Rug Decoration Recipe 20 Silver 
Expert Tailor Recipe-icon.png Small 'Ring and Leaf' Rug Decoration Recipe 10 Silver 
Apprentice Tailor Recipe-icon.png Small 'Tree Shadow' Rug Decoration Recipe 2 Silver 52 Copper 
Red Leaf Rug-icon.png Small Red Leaf Rug 11 Silver 4 Copper 
Stone Well-icon.png Stone Well 11 Silver 4 Copper 
Umber Floor Paint-icon.png Umber Floor Paint 14 Silver 
Umber Wall Paint-icon.png Umber Wall Paint 14 Silver 
Violet Floor Paint-icon.png Violet Floor Paint 14 Silver 
Violet Wall Paint-icon.png Violet Wall Paint 14 Silver 
White Floor Paint-icon.png White Floor Paint 14 Silver 
White Wall Paint-icon.png White Wall Paint 14 Silver